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Advantages of Silicone Cloth Compared with Ordinary Fireproof Canvas
2018-11-23 22:35:03

Silicone cloth is made of advanced technology and new materials. It is a high-performance, multi-purpose new product. Because silicone cloth has good fire retardant, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and other advantages, it is widely used in chemical, large-scale power generation equipment, machinery, electronics and other fields.

Friends who are familiar with and commonly used silicone cloth know the performance of silicone cloth, single-sided and double-sided, in fact, some people ask: Is the single-sided and double-sided only the difference in performance? Why is there a single-sided and double-sided at the same time? So it exists because it is necessary and conforms to the law of objective development.

silicone cloth.jpg

One side of the silicone cloth is bare glass fiber, the reported temperature resistance of the glass fiber is higher than that of the silicone cloth itself, and the glass fiber is clear, the customer uses the single-sided silicone cloth to block the smoke and the naked The glass fiber is facing the direction of the smoke, and the side coated with the silica gel is outside, and the whole is also beautiful.

Double-sided silicone cloth, both sides have silica gel. First of all, a sealing property is absolutely advantageous. It is often used to make the fan soft connection, and it is made into a cylindrical shape, because no matter what is delivered, even if it is gas, it will have inner wall. Certainly flushed, so the double side is slightly better. Secondly, the double-sided silicone cloth can be used as an insulation table, and the effect is better.

Silicone cloth has many advantages over ordinary fireproof canvas.

First of all, the silicone cloth is resistant to high temperature and flame retardant, and the fireproof effect is very good. The working temperature is -70 ° C to +260 ° C, and the short-term temperature resistance can reach +310 ° C. Secondly, the silicone cloth is highly resistant to corrosion, oil resistant and resistant to various chemical corrosion. Therefore, the material can be used in various fields such as machinery, construction, and chemical industry. Again, the silicone cloth has a long service life and can be used for about ten years under normal conditions.

It can be seen that the advancement of technology has promoted the improvement of product performance, the development and application of new materials, and the new products have gradually replaced traditional products. For example, the main material for fireproofing and ventilation of fire ventilation and air conditioning systems is silica gel cloth; the main material of non-metal compensator used in thermal power plants is also silica gel cloth; in addition, silicone cloth is also used on packaging machinery and printing machinery. In the future, construction, industry, electronics and other fields will use more silicone cloth as its high temperature, fireproof, flame retardant and insulating materials.